Flat; Fast; Airplanes! Cars :(

yawyaB Route

Known as "yawyaB" in the morning and "Bayway" in the evening. This is a flat and fast route to the city with sections on bike paths and surface streets. The traditional route will dump you at Bayshore and Potrero/Cesar Chavez. Expect headwinds and bad luck with traffic lights as you head through the airport and points north. Most of the route parallels caltrain for those needing a ditch point. Watch out for SF2G riders through the narrow bike paths.

Common in-route meet-up points include:

Route Variations

  • Stickstyle - Ride around Candlestick Park through the Bayview and into Dogpatch/Mission Bay. Low traffic but the route introduces other risks.
  • 3rd St - Fight against traffic and red lights into Dogpatch/Mission Bay.


From San Mateo...

  • 3rd/4th Ave bike bridge
  • Continue onto J Hart Clinton Dr.
  • Left into Ryder Park
  • Left at the Bay Trail
  • Left at Coyote Point Dr
  • Right at Bay Trail (before the guard shack)
  • Right at Airport Blvd.
  • Continue left on Airport Blvd.
  • Right at Old Bayshore
  • Continue into the airport at S. McDonnell Rd
  • Continue on N. McDonnell Rd
  • Continue on S. Airport Blvd
  • Continue onto Gateway
  • Right at Oyster Point Blvd
  • Left at Veterans Blvd
  • Continue through the hotel parking lot
  • Continue onto the trail and over the bridge
  • Go through the parking lot
  • Left at Shoreline Ct
  • Left at Sierra Point Pkwy
  • Left at Lagoon
  • Right at Tunnel
  • Left at Blaken
  • Left at Bayshore
  • Right at San Bruno Ave
  • Right at Silver
  • Left at Bayshore
  • Continue onto Potrero / Cesar Chavez based upon final destination. Or, go up and over Potrero Hill

Annotated Map

Strava Route (from San Carlos to SOMA)