Foggy; Hilly; Beautiful

enilykS Route

Known as "enilykS" in the morning and "Skyline" in the evening. This is a challenging and often foggy route to the city. Expect to climb more than 2,000 feet when leaving from the lower penninsula. On a clear day you are rewarded with views of the ocean and the Golden Gate Bridge if you pedal all the way to John Daly Blvd. A fender and rear blinky are recommended when Karl makes an appearance.

Common in-route meet-up points include:

Route Variations

  • 2x280 - This uses the two bike legal sections of 280 at Trousdale and Larkspur
  • SCT/SAT - This uses the "multi-use recreational paths" to bypass the bike legal sections on 280
  • Hickey - This exits skyline at Hickey and avoids the Hwy 1 interchange
  • John Daly - This continues to JDB with views of the ocean and bypasses 82 through Daly City
  • Dirty Dog - Water Dog Lake Road Trail (Dirt!) up to Hallmark / Ralston Bike Path
Since the damn Crystal Springs Dam is closed, bikers starting south of San Mateo must detour via Canada -> Ralston Bike Path -> Polhemus -> Crystal Springs to get onto Skyline. Yeah. It sucks.

Annotated Map with Hickey & John Daly Option

Strava Route (from San Carlos to SOMA)